Greg Giorgio
Sommelier - Wine Education



Giorgio began a lifelong exploration of wine over 30 years ago, then he followed his passion to become an educator, consultant, and so much more.
Greg has written dozens of articles and essays about wines since 1986. His pieces have appeared in local newspapers and magazines. He has also written for many regional and national publications. Greg also created the non-profit, educational forum called the Altamont wine school. You will not find anyone who has tasted as wide a range of wine types as Greg.

He first worked on the retail side in 1984 and has continued to take positions in wine shops to the present day.
An extensive background as advisor and educator began in 1987 when Greg was wine consultant to the Albany, NY chapter of the American Culinary Federation. He served in that capacity for 6 years, coordinating winetastings with NY State wineries and serving on dinner committees for fundraiser and award programs as sommelier. He has created winelists for Mio Vino, Altamont NY and Hamlet Restaurant, Freehold NY among others.

Greg has worked for Grossi Hill Vineyards and Alamont Vineyard and Winery as an advisor and consultant and he was also employed in those facilities as an assistant in vineyard and winery operations. Greg is consulting on a new vineyard and winery project in Knox, Albany County, plantings began 2013.


Personal Statement

"I really fell in love with life when I fell in love with wine. *Wine has given me insight and appreciation for food, arthistory and language. Wine is History. Wine ties people to their land. I do not care what types of grapes were used or how it is made a good wine is self evident. Better those shared lovingly and selflessly with those we care about."


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