Altamont Wine School

The Altamont Wine School is a fun, informal way to learn about wine. Tastings take place every month, except August, with an eye on specific themes from all wine catogories. The focus is to help students to learn their wine preferences and to become better tastersby development of a personal wine vocabulary.

Instructor Greg Giorgio has an extensive background in wine and began classes with the Altamont Wine School in June, 2000.

Greg has been a wine consultant to both restaurants and wineries, a vineyard worker, wine retail worker and has written hundreds of articles for wine and beer publications.

"The Altamont Wine School" is a labor of love that has helped hundreds of folks broaden their tasting experience, learn how to taste wine like an industry professional and havefun too! We have tasted from categories you seldom see covered in the publications and have de-mystified the snobby, elitist images so common to wine in our culture. Giorgio explained, "Wine teaches us so much about ourselves. Wine is History."