Greg Giorgio
  Sommelier - Wine Education

Greg is as knowlegable as anyone I've met about wine in the Capital District"
Andy Rosedale








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As a journalist Greg earned the respect of many wine industry professionals. His work in Vineyards in Upstate New York has broadened knowledge that connects the land and the fruit to the finished wine.

" I always wanted to get my hands dirty," Giorgio said, citing nearly 30 years of experience harvesting, planting, pruning vines and making wine.

His background as a wine educator coupled with extensive wine evaluation experience has allowed him to develop a keen palate. He has used his skill to help create and improve bottlings for New York State wineries. Let him improve yours too!

  Winery Development Services
> Fine tuning varietals and blends
 > Create new blends
 > Eliminate wines that detract from your quality profile
 > Learn new promotional strategies
 > Develop stronger wine education for tasting room staff
 > Price structure / style / varietal / value  Does it work? Make it work for you!

Restaurants > A Veteran of back of the house work in a half dozen resturants and a skilled cook and sourdough baker. Greg is well suited to work with your restaurant to fashion a wine list that fits your theme and your cuisine like a glove.

His knowledge of food, ingredients and kitchen methods infroms how he selects wines for your customized needs.
Greg's long tenure as an instructor at The Altomont Wine School and as wine consultant to American Culinary Federation's Albany NY chapter puts him in a unique position to train wait staff and increase your restaurant wine sales. Give Greg a call and watch your profits go up!

  Restaurant Wine List Management
Create a new wine list for start ups
 > Refine, retool old list for greater sales
 > Train and update waitstaff's wine knowledge through fun, informative tastings
 > utilize simple, effective promotions for daily, weekly sales upsurge strategies
 > Achieve seasonal continuity in your list for greater year round sales
 > Bond your menu together with your wine list

"He gets it. A great ability to understand and work with a restaurant menu to create the wine list most appropriate. And super values!
Lance Moore
Chef-Owner at Hamlet

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